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Tecniplast Training Center: News in sight for 2018

Our TTC courses have been recognized as one of the best Lab Animal Science education solutions. The 2017 participation in TTC trainings was consistent with a demand much higher than the offer.

We reached our objective of teaching how to use our products in the best way and building customer knowledge and competencies, through a diverse educational portfolio in an increasingly complex environment.

Great news for 2018! The TTC courses were very successful in 2017 but we did not rest on our laurels and decided to refresh our innovative Tecniplast Training Courses for 2018.

The upcoming seminars have been completely redesigned, following opinions, ideas and suggestions from participants who rated the TTC courses the best training courses in the industry (average rating: 3,6 out of 4).  TTC training became the reference of training in the industry thanks to the complete topics and professional speakers. There is not a better payoff to summarize the TTC spirit: "We match customers’ needs sharing our knowledge with them”.

The 2018 TTC training courses will have new sessions on Layouting, Watering Solutions, Aquatics, Logistics with the objective to give a 360° vision of the Lab Animal Facility world (see the detailed program on TP Web site). The TTC 2018 innovations confirm Tecniplast Training Centre Goal to provide extensive education opportunities and hands-on sessions, in order to develop and refine best practices on the use of our housing and cleaning equipment. We strive to exceed customer expectations by delivering exceptional quality education that is relevant and has a measurable impact on practice.

Tecniplast confirms with its new 2018 TTC course, a comprehensive training program to enable safe, accurate and reliable operation of all Tecniplast equipment and systems. Increasing worldwide demand on quality assurance means tougher demands on your staff to keep pace with new norms and standards. Consequently, the Tecniplast Training Centre provides good basic knowledge in products and machine operation and the principles of good Culture of Care, thus helping to ensure that you get maximum operational efficiency and full compliance with the toughest standards. The latest support to increase your department's learning and efficiency can now be found in our new 2018 training courses.

TTC offers courses in our Corporate location but we are also able to tailor courses to your organization’s exact needs, and host them onsite at your facility if preferred. In addition to the selection of standard courses available at our worldwide Corporate Centre, Tecniplast Training Centre offers you on-site training with hands on your own equipment. We can also customize courses based on your level of knowledge, your special requests, your needs – and your schedule. Our training staff have extensive experience in the Lab Animal market and on products, as well as excellent teaching skills.

Tecniplast Training Centre has a large, permanent and fully equipped showroom with all the latest products available for hands-on description and training sessions.

Leopoldo Zauner
Marketing Director