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Our articulated and personalized training programs are developed for the sake of a very diverse population that ranges from our Workers to our Managers, from our Suppliers to our Consultants and from the personnel of our global network to our Customers.

The “least common multiple” of all our training initiatives is a simple philosophy: “The more you know, the better you can design/produce/test/ pack/sell/install/use/service it” – knowledge, in fact, adds significant value to valuable equipment!
Tecniplast Training is delivered through many different forms: conventional front-trainings, one-to-one sessions, coaching, field experience, apprenticeship, conferences, seminars, bulletins.

In this respect, for example, many of our employees have gone through an intensive practical training in a real Animal Facility: it’s easier to develop and produce functional and ergonomic equipment if you have experienced the same procedures your Customers repeat daily.

To provide you with a figure of the size of our “training-machine” consider that every year we budget:

Although the “quantity” of our training is amazing - consider that as an average we invest in the education of our employees more than the equivalent of a monthly salary every year - it’s the quality of the courses our main focus: we have in place an effective scoring system that analytically analyzes the  feed-backs and measures the benefits of the training initiatives.

In our organization we have a 1.500 m2 training centre, two show-rooms designed with the same criteria of  the Facilities  where our products are installed, a full-time Training Manager, a full-time Education & Training Coordinator, a Training assistants and 25 expert trainers.

Last but not least, in our workshop we permanently host a class of 7 young disabled persons from a local school who learn to work in our premises, side by side with our workers.

We at Tecniplast are really pleased with the contribution that our strong training policy offers to make our values germinating through our products and procedures.

Efisio Spanu, Tecniplast group training manager

For more information on Tecniplast 's Customer Education Programs, contact your local Tecniplast Sales Representative.