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Clima Flow AHU with humidity control

Clima Flow is the Tecniplast IVC Air Handling Unit with humidity control featuring an accurate regulation and maintenance of the intra-cage air parameters. Clima Flow guarantees animal welfare through an increased consistency of environmental conditions for cage inhabitants, making for more reliable research outcomes.

Full control of IVCs air parameters:

Clima Flow is purposely designed to guarantee a strict control of the IVC air, including regulating its humidity with the renowned reliability of the Tecniplast AHUs.

Energy saver and environmental friendly:

Clima Flow treats the minor volume of air strictly needed by the IVCs. As a consequence, by conditioning a smaller amount of air compared to that needed for the whole room, it reduces the facility running costs through a “green” approach.


Standalone solution allows for an easier refurbishment/enlargement of existing facility, especially where modification or expansion of the existing HVAC is not possible or prohibitive in terms of costs or building capability.