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“Integration is the act of bringing together smaller components into a single system that functions as one.”

In order to provide you with the most efficient, effective and ergonomic solutions, at Tecniplast we consider all the aspects of product performance and we make sure they smoothly integrate with one another. Tecniplast complete product range is designed to work together in a complementary way where everything is engineered as systems and not stand alone items.

A close partnership with you will allow you  to develop a clear understanding of how you want your animal unit to function and offer a tailored Turn-Key solution ensuring:

Selecting Tecniplast to provide the integration throughout the building you are appointing the expertise needed to make the difference: from animal room (IVC caging, Laminar flow cabinets) to the Cage Wash Area (Washers, Robotics, Bedding handling, Decon Chambers), passing by the various logistic flows (Trolleys, Crates, Presentation racks, Accessories) in between.

Here are a few ways you can benefit from an integrated equipment package:

Tecniplast strongly believes that product integration and a sincere partnership with our clients are the key parts to providing effective solutions to laboratory animal facilities.

Tecniplast: think systems and not items!