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Our commitment for a better world never stops

Tecniplast continues its consistent and persistent journey to sustain environmental care.

Indeed we have recycled more than 50.000 Kg of plastics in 2017 saving more than one million Kg of CO footprint in the atmosphere. Champion of the recycling program is Tecniplast UK, followed by Tecniplast Germany.

Tecniplast implemented an environmental policy almost 2 decades ago to reduce the environmental impact of its activities at all stages of the product life cycle: production, use and recycling.

Tecniplast has taken into account three criteria that match external certifications (ISO 14001, Environmental Report) and objectively measurable data (emissions of CO₂, LCA and quantity of recycled plastics via specific initiatives).

Tecniplast: Eco Innovation through Facts

Quality Certification: Design, Production, Packaging, Distribution and Service are carried out in a ISO 9001 certified Factory

Production is carried out in an ISO 14001 certified factory. This certification attests to the efforts deployed to reduce the impact of production on the environment. It concerns, for example, producing the use of water resources and energy, but also visual and sound pollution, emissions into the atmosphere and wastewater.

CO Emissions: Tecniplast products are the only ones which can offer customers a statement of CO₂ emissions through a peer reviewed LCA analysis.

Recycling: Tecniplast products are designed to allow the exploitation of 100% of their mass at the end of their life (recycling and energy recovery). Moreover, Tecniplast offers an exclusive project which involves recycling old plastic cages for a second life to plastic and do something together for the environment.

Environmental Report: Tecniplast is the only one in the Lab Animal Industry to have a peer reviewed Environmental Report.

If you would like to get a copy do not hesitate to contact our local sale rep.

Environmental Policy: being certified 14001 we have a complete Environmental Policy you can find in our web site.

Leopoldo Zauner
Marketing Director