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Facts over claims… an ordinary day at IWT

The lab animal industry is constantly evolving and mutating, therefore every facility has its specific needs and goals. IWT, as industry leader, has the duty to provide solutions to the market, solutions that can fit the different scenarios and most of all, solutions that deliver expected results.

The meticulous and professional approach applied by IWT technical department can be well summarized in the following validation carried out for a large primate site in Europe.

The customer provided us with a set of dirty (and autoclaved) NHP racks to verify the efficacy of the washing process in the new Atlantis EVO XL.

Different protocols were applied to:

Verify the full load coverage by means of a soil Browne Test (on a clean sample):

The target of the test is to evaluate the best load presentation in the wash chamber and the best spray pattern to ensure no blind spots.

Outcome is an SOP for the client on how to prepare and properly load the unit.


Prove the effective cleaning of real autoclaved soil:

The target of the test is to fine tune the washing program in terms of temperature, detergents concentration/mix and contact times to guarantee the ultimate result.

Outcome is a tailored washing program specifically developed for the client scenario.


Ensure the expected sanitization level through an indisputable microbiological test

Target of the test is to verify the actual CFU (Colony Forming Units) at the end of the washing process determined above.

Outcome is the written guarantee of the efficacy of the machine and the setup of the cycle for the client.

The exhaustive activities as described above are symptomatic of the professional attitude the company applies in every aspect of our operations. IWT wants to always have a sincere  communication with its partners and provide real data, transparent proofs and facts over claims!

We strongly believe that a fully satisfied client and a “pain free customer experience” is the right way to continue in the industry leader path. By the way, the account purchased multiple Atlantis EVO XL, not bad at all!


Marco Pagani

IWT Marketing and Communication Manager