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ARIA CS48: the latest in the Tecniplast Aria family of Changing Stations

ARIA CS48 is  a “Dual Access” Changing Station 1.2 m (48”) in size,  with a superior ventilation system and airflow balancing technology.

ISO Class 4 Air Quality (ISO 14644-1) protects animals from external contamination, cross-contamination and assures comprehensive excellent air curtain performance, to protect researchers and animal care takers from exposure to allergens which can cause occupational hazards.

This cabinet is addressed to users who are required to work with a mobile changing station and is designed for ergonomic, easy and safe use - like the whole Tecniplast cabinet range  – in Animal Research Facility.

It is of sturdy construction and modern design,  has a large work area for one or two operators and high cleanability.

A smart solution, as standard, provides operators with a choice in the configuration of the working surface - either flat or recessed. The characteristic shape of the grille allows operators to flip the base from a flush surface to one completely recessed which, thanks to the surrounding barrier created by the border of the tray ,is of benefit when working with higher rat cages.

The modular injection moulded polysulfone airflow grille surrounding the working surface provides a clean finish and assures less turbulence. Less noise is therefore generated by the inside flow.

The innovative ventilation system features the new generation of energy saving blowers (ECM Technology), reduced noise and vibration, lower heat load emissions and energy costs.

The electronically controlled low energy LED strip is positioned inside the main filter in order to guarantee a higher and uniform light as well as to eliminate shadows on the work surface. CS48 also features optional red LED lights for night mode.

An electronic light dimmer allows the light intensity to be reduced to levels acceptable for albino mice or rats.

The ARIA CS48 belongs to the latest generation of laminar airflow systems manufactured by Tecniplast: the choice of top quality materials guarantees conformity to the strictest safety standards.

It is compliant with CE requirements and is certified by UL/CSA.

The CS48 weighs just 185kg (407lbs) and is 20% lighter than similar models. Moving the unit around the facility (and through doorways) on its 125mm (5”) casters is quite effortless and the force required is much lower than the guidance limits for both men and women.

Stefano Berrilli

Product Manager Tecniplast Flow Solutions