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Tecniplast UK have published their Anti-Slavery Statement and encourages both staff and clients to report concerns of any potential acts of slavery or human trafficking.


Slavery and human trafficking remain a hidden blight on our global society.
Anti-Slavery Action UK estimates that 40 million people are trapped in modern slavery worldwide.

  • 1 in 4 of them are children.
  • Almost three quarters (71%) are women and girls.
  • Over 10,000 were identified as potential victims by the authorities in the UK in 2019.

With news of clothing manufacturers not paying the legal minimum wage and women being held against their will in domestic settings in UK towns and cities, here at Tecniplast UK we believe we have a responsibility to be alert to the risks, both in our business and our supply chain.

Our promise to you is that our management team will investigate and act upon any concerns raised about slavery or human trafficking.

“Tecniplast UK Limited has a zero-tolerance approach to slavery and is committed to preventing acts of slavery and human trafficking from occurring within both its business and supply chain, and imposes those same high standards on its contractors, suppliers and other business partners” says Andy Humes, Managing Director at Tecniplast UK.

To help us achieve our promise to you we have a "Due Diligence Process".

Tecniplast use a risk and evidence-based methodology to rigorously audit their suppliers. This includes:

  • Visits to key suppliers’ sites to investigate the conditions of the suppliers’ workers to ensure they meet their requirements in regard to minimum wages and hours of working, environmental safety, and employees’ human rights.
  • Tecniplast also require evidence that our suppliers have also made similar checks on their suppliers.

Tecniplast encourage their supply chain by using this process to continually improve all aspects of supply and compliance.

Tecniplast UK builds long-standing relationships with its business partners and makes clear our expectations of business behaviour in the form of Supplier Service Level Agreements. We expect organisations we work with to have anti-slavery and human trafficking policies. At Tecniplast UK our managers undertake an online training programme to ensure they know how to identify slavery and human trafficking, and also how to deal with concerns raised. We have systems in place to encourage our employees to report concerns and to protect whistle-blowers.

The senior management team review all our policies on a yearly basis. Our zero-tolerance approach means we will terminate any business relationship found to be in breach of our policy.

The Anti-Slavery Statement means that we are playing our part to protect the most vulnerable people in society.

"When we hear the words "slavery" it is too easy to think of this being a link to a distant, terrible past wrapped up in colonialism and greed but unfortunately it is still a very modern problem that happens on a regular basis. Only recently in the UK there have been various cases of slavery in the clothing manufacturing industry. It is a very real and current problem. As a human race we must all be alert to this continuing exploitation of people’".

You can read the UK anti-slavery statement on the UK website