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A customer testimonial of the ‘Old for New’ campaign where its effectiveness and the resulting great service from Tecniplast is spoken about. 

Dr. Kellermann and Professor Adelsberger, clients of an important institute in Munich, tell us their experience with Tecniplast’s service when they had an old air handling unit that could be exchanged.

Tecniplast Germany have sent an "Old for New" campaign quote catching the sense of urgency of this request and were able to ship the unit from stock the same day.

Dear Dr. Kellermann and Professor Adelsberger, can you describe in few words your facility and main research PIs conduct in your facility?

We are an institute using mouse models to study brain function and neurodegenerative diseases. For this purpose we use different imaging and electrophysiological techniques.

All of us know that these days represent one of the most difficult periods in the recent history, especially in terms of budget and we know very well the difficult job you and your colleagues have to do to control numbers vs budget, but assuring a perfect lab animal facility. What do think about initiatives as the Tecniplast “Old for New”campaign?

At a first glance the “Old for New” campaign was intriguing. Calculating it and especially taking sustainability into account we decided rather towards sustainability and against exchanging still faultlessly working equipment. So, in principle a good idea, but for our facility in particular at this time point not relevant. 

Is this kind of initiative giving you the feeling that Tecniplast is a viable partner for you?

We really appreciate the effort Tecniplast is putting into customer care – independent of such initiatives like the “Old for New” recently. In order to perceive a company like Tecniplast as a real partner, to us the constant approachability of a company is decisive. And Tecniplast is always almost more than approachable.

I saw that in a 4 hour period Tecniplast was able to get the order of new equipment, send it and install it! What do you think about this sense of urgency for the customer?

For us as the customer this sense of urgency is something quite special and - honestly - something we’ve not experienced so far, neither with Tecniplast nor any other company we’ve dealt with in the recent past. So for us, this was the ultimate experience!

Do you have recommendations or ideas to support a Lab Animal facility in these days?

In our opinion, Tecniplast is already doing many things very right.
So far we've experienced excellent and very customer-driven communication skills in combination with a significant degree of - again very customer-oriented - flexibility - both will almost always provide the best possible support to a Lab Animal facility, especially in these days. Accompanied by short communication paths combined with a highly effective supply chain help to establish very quick, smooth and affordable solutions.

Innovation is the driver today: it costs but it helps to save money in the long run. When do you choose a product what do you consider first and why?

To be totally honest with you, new products are mostly chosen out of necessity. Whenever old equipment has broken down beyond repair for example, or when the government and/or the supervising authorities ask for specific changes in the facility. We then start looking for the product that offers our minimum requirements, followed by working out the financing and then go forward with the order.