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Wireless, fully programmable IVC lighting control system

Circadian rhythms are physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a daily cycle. They respond primarily to light and darkness in an organism's environment.

With LEDDY, it is possible to evaluate the animals’ physiological response related to lighting stimuli, without moving the cage from the rack. 

Leddy, by combining a red tinted cage with a programmable LED source, allows the operator to set dedicated light cycles directly inside the home cage, and run different experiments in the same IVC rack.

Flexibility & Savings

  • Multi-experiments system: every single cage can be independently programmed with a specific lighting Cycle. Possibility of running different experiments in the same room and even in the same IVC rack, without affecting other cages.
  • Resources saving: no more waste of time and space by dedicating specific rooms to light cycles studies.

Animal Welfare & better Scientific Outcomes

  • Every cage receives a defined intensity of light for a specific time cycle, without being influenced by the room environment, with better standardization of the biological results
  • Decrease of the potentially stressful operations, mainly by avoiding the movement of cages off the rack (research in the IVC home cage)

PATENT NUMBER EP1207746B1 - US7044082B1

The Housing Solutions Team