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Tecniplast announces the take-over of Indulab, its Exclusive Distributor in Switzerland

Pietro Bernardini, Managing Director of Tecniplast, is pleased to inform that Tecniplast has completed the addition of Indulab AG to the Tecniplast family of companies. It is a great move for Tecniplast Swiss customers. Indeed, he states: “We can now operate in the best common interests of Swiss clients and ourselves. Katharina Jehle, the newly appointed Director, joined the Tecniplast family at the recent ISMM – International Sales and Marketing Meeting, please wish her all the best with the new venture!”.

Tecniplast, the world leading company in the Lab Animal Industry in designing,

manufacturing and distributing patented equipment for laboratory animals since 1949, takes over its exclusive distributor Indulab in Switzerland. This acquisition will lead Tecniplast to directly manage the distribution of its products and the related marketing, sales and service activities in Switzerland.

The goal of this acquisition is to bring Tecniplast closer to its customers. The name remains Indulab AG and the new organisation is effective since 8th May 2018.

Indulab AG is the 8th Tecniplast Subsidiary, following Tecniplast China founded in 2012. Katharina Jehle is the new Director in charge of the organisation. She has a degree in Chemistry and has worked for more than 10 years in the Diagnostic business in strategic positions of marketing, sales and business development.

Mrs. Jehle is confident of immediately delivering consistent benefits to Tecniplast Swiss customers with the new Indulab AG organisation: improved service, enhanced integration on Tecniplast and IWT complex projects and closeness in customer relations. Indulab AG will be able to provide greater efficiency to new and existing customers thanks to the new leadership, training, commitment and the integration of the Swiss team in the Tecniplast Group. Indulab AG will promote Tecniplast and IWT product lines, making them available at competitive rates and in a timely manner, delivering outstanding value to Swiss Academia and Pharma Industry, while meeting and exceeding the demands for enhanced animal welfare and surveillance enforced by the Federal Authorities, as well as providing superior ergonomics as required by the stringent Swiss Health & Safety guidelines.

Franco  Mondini -  International Sales Director