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Tecniplast's new enrichment specifically designed to promote mice voluntary activity in IVCs.

Happy healthy mice = good science!

This revolutionary mouse wheel has been designed to ensure mice housed in the Tecniplast GM500 cages have the best enrichment on the market

As stated in most guidelines and directives for use of laboratory animals, environmental enrichments increase not only physical activity, but also the expression of natural behavior patterns.

In addition, the use of fit animals may reveal novel mechanisms by which exercise affects basic biological processes and disease pathogenesis.

  • Increases physical and cognitive activity, reducing anxiety in mice.
  • Promotes positive and natural behaviour patterns.
  • Easy tool-free fitting.
  • Suitable for clockwise and counter clockwise rotation; locates on both sides of the cage.
  • Reliable material and robust design allows for repetitive washing and autoclaving cycles.

Watch the GYM500 video!