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The IWT’s skateboard is the new high-capacity transport trolley specifically designed for manual handling of multitype cage bases. Following the multiple requests received from several Laboratories Animal Facilities, IWT came up with the idea to develop a solution for easy transportation of cage bases.

The IWT skateboard (official code ACCATPT): a single accessory to match the full vivarium operational loop, from animal holding room to the washing area and back through autoclaving.

The new trolley is made up by a frame for transportation (stainless steel) on which you can easily fit a set of cage holders (polysulfone), individually engineered to grasp each type of cage.

On the trolley frame, as standard, there are storing slots to always keep onboard two additional kits of cage holders, this makes the new trolley a very flexible solution that helps in saving space in the wash area, with less than 0.5m2 (5.4ft2) you might have a trolley compatible with three different types of cages!

The cage holders are the result of a meticulous design process that was aimed at allowing a quick&easy set-up (cage holder change), by means of rapid handwheel knobs, they ensure a perfect stability of cage stacks during transportation.

IWT has merged its expertise in stainless steel and plastic molding technologies on this new trolley to make it resistant to both high autoclaving temperature and stressful maneuvering across vivarium corridors. To improve its resistance even more, it can be suited with plastic autoclave-proof bumpers.

Key features are the flexibility in the usage and the ease of transportation thanks to large diameter wheels manufactured through a molding process in PPSU. IWT skateboard has been developed to run many miles on LA facility floors.

IWT’s skateboard is equipped with additional options to meet all facility requirements: bumpers, s/s push-pull ergonomic handle, allergen lid for operators’ protection and coupling kit to chain together multiple trolleys for a safe autoclave loading/unloading;

Move your cages with IWT’s Skateboard!

Fabio Gonzatto – IWT Product Manager