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Tecniplast DVC® system range is continuously increasing to provide more and accurate data to the community.

Implementation of the DVC®system for already existing Tecniplast IVC Racks is rapidly growing in the market in terms of installations and worldwide customers with the promised revolutionary results that are helping the first adopters to achieve a better Facility management and improve research studies.

At the latest Felasa congress, Tecniplast officially launched a new DVC®product that is expanding the current Digital family, called DVC®ISO. This is a new product able to be retrofitted (or directly factory equipped) on already existing Tecniplast ISOCAGE Positive and ISOCAGE Negative systems.

We are all aware of the Germ Free and Gnotobiotics fast growing trend around the world, as well as, the importance to properly preserve correct BSL3-4 for specific infection studies. These are the reasons why, in the past, we developed our famous Tecniplast ISOCAGE Positive and ISOCAGE Negative systems that can now take advantage of the already validated and robust DVC®technology to improve their product benefits and offerings to the final users.

Thanks to the DVC®ISO system, you can now easily:

  • Improve animal welfare checks thanks to the 24/7 detection and interpretation of animal spontaneous locomotion performed by the DVC®board. If something weird is happening or some specific health status deviations occur to your animals, the DVC®ISO is capable of alerting you for a more specific and dedicated animal welfare check.
  • Automatic alerts in case of the water bottle leaking, causing flooding in the cage. This is an important increase safety measure for your precious animals.
  • Detection of bedding condition for a better cage change management based on real level of moisture. This is an important feature, able to provide you more standardization for the cage management and avoid unnecessary cage changes tasks that are inducing animal stress.
  • Improve ISO cage management thanks to the Real Time Tracking system based on RFiD technology. All cages are 24/7automatically tracked and you always know where they are located.

Moreover, using the DVC® ISO in combination with the already existing DVC® Analytics platform, researchers can automatically complement their running experiments with novel data related to animal spontaneous locomotion that are parallelly collected from multiple (ISO) home cages at the same time.

These data are fully unbiased and coming from an undisturbed environment ensuing a better understanding of the experiment outcomes.

Guido Gottardo – Digilab Product Manager