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The interest in gnotobiology has been increasing in recent times as more people recognize the scientific potential of these animal models. Many laboratories are now setting up units dedicated to gnotobiotic or germ-free animals.

To support this growing interest, the Modern Gnotobiology International Symposium is being organized to provide an international overview of current scientific trends and facility management. The symposium aims to support the networking of facility managers, researchers, and trained technicians interested in germ-free and gnotobiotic applications.

The event will include keynote presentations and interactive round table sessions covering scientific goals and best practices in gnotobiotic facilities. The course will focus on key aspects of the microbiota of laboratory rodents, with speakers providing practical information on how to approach, manage, and monitor these aspects.

This symposium presents a great opportunity for those interested in gnotobiology to learn more and network with others in the field.

Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Martina Di Rico, Product Manager ISO Technology at Tecniplast S.p.A. Martina has been instrumental in organizing the Modern Gnotobiology International Symposium.

We look forward to learning more about how Tecniplast is supporting this field and how the Modern Gnotobiology International Symposium will contribute to its continued growth and success.

Martina, there has been a lot of attention and interest in the application of Gnotobiology in Laboratory Animal Science (LAS) in recent times. We have noticed that Tecniplast has organized a Gnotobiology Symposium. Could you please explain to our readers a little more about this exciting initiative?

Thank you for the question, and yes, interest in gnotobiology has grown in recent years, and the scientific potential of these animal models is increasingly appreciated. Although the pandemic has temporarily impacted this field, as of now, many laboratories are ready to restart, equipping and reorganizing to set up units dedicated to gnotobiotic or germ-free animals. For this reason, we planned to organize a symposium to be held at the Tecniplast Convention Center in November this year.

The Modern Gnotobiology International Symposium aims to provide facility managers, researchers and qualified technicians with an international overview about products and practices for housing, husbandry and management of germ-free and gnotobiotic facilities.

As an expert in Gnotobiology, what are your expectations for this exciting event? We noticed that it is a global event. Could you also comment on the presence of some speakers and the expected value they will bring to the event?

Well, this is the first time we have organizing such an event, and we have decided to limit the number of participants to 30 people only. The reason behind this is that we want to encourage as much interaction and networking as possible among the attendees and speakers. We hope that the symposium will be the first step in creating a true community, which can provide mutual support and share experiences.

The event will be presented by a panel of international leaders in the Gnotobiotic community from the United States, Europe, and Australia. All selected speakers are experts in the field of gnotobiology and come from facilities that are different from each other in terms of equipment and SOPs. I strongly believe that they can provide diverse education, offering participants a better overview of practices and scientific outcomes, and providing interesting insights that may not have been previously considered.

If Panoramanews readers are interested in participating, how can they obtain further information?

We have launched a web page dedicated to the event, with all the relevant information.

Just by clicking on the following link, you will be redirected at the Modern Gnotobiology International Symposium:

Go and check it out!!