• Tecniplast: Celebrating 20 years in the UK

    Tecniplast is celebrating 20 years of operations in the UK. This momentous milestone of two decades of business in the UK has seen Tecniplast UK grow from a new ambition company to the market leader it is today. The founder and Managing Director, David Spillane set up Tecniplast UK in 1997 in Northamptonshire with... Read More

  • ‘The most complete range of aquatics breeding solutions on the market...’

    Feb, 2017
    In general day to day activities within a zebrafish facility, feeding will no doubt be top of the list for the amount of time that is required to complete it.  The next activity on the list will be setting up fish for breeding, and with such a wide variety of research being completed there is a need for many... Read More

  • So what does logistics mean to the lab animal industry?

    Feb, 2017
    Logistics, n. pl. Art of moving & quartering troops, & supplying and maintaining a fleet. So that’s the dictionary definition of logistics, but what does it mean within an Animal Facility? It’s most fitting explanation is the system by which ‘consumable’ items are moved... Read More

  • 5 reasons why automation will help protect your team and reduce running costs…

    January, 2017
    Automation within facilities has become more and more common in recent years, all new facilities and refurbishment projects of any reasonable size seem to be looking at the pro’s and con’s of automation. It has been recognised that in any average animal facility regardless of its size will have its... Read More

  • More Products added to the Tecniplast Market Place

    December, 2016
    More products have been added to the Tecniplast Market Place! You can find a selection of brand new, refurbished and previously owned products across all our product lines: including housing, change stations, washing, aquatics and accessories! The site offers massive... Read More