• Introducing the NEW Calypso!

    July, 2017
    THE NEW IWT CALYPSO AQUATIC WASHER IS THE IDEAL SOLUTION FOR YOUR CLEANING NEEDS: GET RID OF MANUAL SCRUBBING AND PRE-SOAKING. GET READY TO BE SEDUCED BY CALYPSO! Guaranteed effective tank cleaning of algae, biofilm and diet residues, no pre-treatments required Perfect for any wash area due to the... Read More

  • Tecniplast Scientific Symposium, 25th - 28th Oct, Italy

    June, 2017
    If you are a Director, Manager, Consultant, Deputy or Senior Technician of an animal facility then this event is for you. The Tecniplast Scientific Symposium will take place at Tecniplast headquarters in Italy at our purpose built Conference Centre. The symposium offers the chance to bring yourself up to... Read More

  • Tecniplast Analysis - Supporting Scientific Research

    May, 2017
      Tecniplast Analysis product range is specifically designed and developed to meet Scientific Research requirements. The range includes Metabolic... Read More

  • Don't miss the.... Tecniplast Technician Symposium 2017

    April, 2017
    Don't miss the.... Tecniplast Technician Symposium Wednesday 20th - Friday 22nd September 2017... Read More

  • Integration - You know it makes sense!

    April, 2017
    Definition: Integration is the act of bringing together smaller components into a single system that functions as one. You get few chances in work life to specify new equipment – so it makes great sense to be sure it works together i.e. integrates seamlessly into your work place. Whether it’s a... Read More