Tecniplast offers a recycling scheme to all of its clients. So, if you have some old racks, cages or tanks, call us and we will help you recycle them FREE OF CHARGE!

Plastic waste in the ocean has reached an all-time high which is having a catastrophic effect on wildlife. Tecniplast takes its Environmental Footprint seriously and are making sure all old equipment is recycled whenever possible.

Disposal of unwanted cages is never easy... not only do they take up valuable space, they can affect the work flow of a facility and recycling can also be expensive!

Tecniplast can help, just follow these 4 simple steps:

Not only do your cages get a 'second life' but the income generated benefits our charitable endeavours. A win win! Tecniplast donates any money raised by its recycling scheme to local charities.

For more information on our recycling scheme give us a call on 0345 050 4556.