• NEW 1.7-liter breeding tank with unique design that promotes natural spawning behavior

    June 15, 2016
    The new 1.7-liter tank features a sloped interior –or “beach style” –that facilitates and promotes zebrafish spawning. A removable insert builds a shallow and a rest area inside the tank, recreating the zebrafish natural spawning setting in a small footprint. This design makes breeding... Read More

  • New Responsive Web-Design!

    July 2016
    The Tecniplast site now automatically adapts to the screen size of your device . Whether it is a tablet, a martphone or a laptop. Have fun navigating ! Read More

  • Simple, Accurate & Inexpensive

    March 2016
    INTERCEPTOR is a simple, accurate and inexpensive health colony monitoring system compatible with existing Tecniplast IVC systems. Different than other alternatives in the market, the Interceptor gets fully sealed and secured to avoid contamination of the sample during retrieval.   More about this... Read More

  • The Protection of an Isolator with the Advantages on an IVC

    February 2016
    ISO Positive offers the greatest protection with higher density and better ergonomics when compared to an isolator. It allows you to conduct several studies per rack without risk of cross contamination. The cages in the system are hermetic and equipped with HEPA filter for greater protection. The iso... Read More

  • Collect Synchronized Zebrafish Embryos in Small Batches that Fit Your Needs

    January 2016
    The younger sister of the proven iSpawn system fits on a benchtop and utilizes only 13 liters of water. You can collect synchronized eggs from your zebrafish (up to 20 breeding pairs). The easiest way on your lab bench and with just a few simple steps. More about this product   Read More

  • Introducing the WiFlow Air Handling Unit

    March 2016
    The WiFlow Air Handling Unit integrates the latest monitoring technology with proven air handling unit capability. The DC power saving fans from the “Smartflow” and “Easyflow” continue to be used within this new AHU guaranteeing prolonged filter life and no vibration transfer to the rack.... Read More

  • ATLANTIS EASY - Entry Level High Performance Washing Solution

    January 2015
    ATLANTIS EASY is the entry-level model of the high-efficiency cage and rack washers that set a new benchmark in operational efficiency. The EASY model can be installed in existing buildings in a wall-to-wall configuration. Its compact featuring an attractive design and a variety of options for top... Read More


    September 2015
    The NEW ARIA CS60 stand out through their extra-wide working surface, low weight and because of their exceptionally low noise, as well as their ease of cleaning. The Tecniplast ARIA CS60 changing station offers high protection to the environment, the animals and the operator. Some features include a... Read More

  • ARIA TECH 48 - Safety Cabinet and Changing Station

    June 2016
    Type II, ISO Class 4 air quality Bio Safety Cabinet with two different configurations: Safety Cabinet and Changing Station. The Aria Tech 48 is energy efficient with noise reduction and  great ergonomics.   Read More