Tecniplast is a global enterprise dedicated to the production of housing and related equipment for the laboratory animals. 


Tecniplast has innovation at the core of all that we do…

Commitment, innovation, dedication and continuous investment has made Tecniplast a worldwide benchmark in the biomedical research laboratory equipment field. These factors, together with attention to product and process quality, enables Tecniplast to offer affordable, innovative, integrated solutions for animal facilities throughout the world.

Today, Tecniplast is the European market leader and a key global player. Tecniplast companies are directly present in Italy, the U.S.A., the UK, France, Germany, Australia, China and Japan with a network of around 64 international representatives providing a complete global presence.

Tecniplast headquarters in northern Italy is home to dedicated and highly skilled teams who expertly manage R&D, product design and development, mould design, plastic moulding, metal workshop, assembly, quality assurance and control, packaging and logistics. Tecniplast employs over 700-team members, most of whom are skilled, qualified people involved in design and production.

“The key factors underpinning Tecniplast’s success are due to the acute awareness of the continuous evolution of housing facility needs and the capability to design, develop and produce all products in house”

At Tecniplast, nothing stands still. Processes are always evolving; manufacturing continues to be refined and perfected and investment into research and development is at the forefront.

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