Tecniplast offers a wide range of training solutions, from hands on user training to maintenance equipment training right through to competency based training accredited by the IAT.

A quick overview of our training programmes can be found below:

1. Equipment Training (Service)

Equipment Training from our Tecniplast Service Training Engineer can be tailored to suit your individual needs. The course is designed to focus on the following areas of specialism:

  • Operating skills and procedures

  • Routine maintenance regimes

  • User and Superuser capabilities

This level of training is specifically designed for the end user on the Tecniplast and IWT product range: from IVCs and Aquatics to Washing and Automation systems. The training programmes are predominantly based at your lab animal facility in front of your own equipment but can also be facilitated in the Tecniplast UK showroom.

For more information and details of pricing for Equipment Training please call the Service Team on 0345 050 4556 or email

2. Familiarisation Training (Product Managers)

Equipment training carried out by our Product Managers at your site and tailored to your specific equipment and your processes. Full consultation prior to training to ensure outcomes are aligned, with the main objective to enable end users to get the best from the equipment they are using on a daily basis.

This bespoke training includes:

  • Demonstration of equipment including explanation of its functionality and benefits to users and animals

  • Set-up and configuration of the equipment/systems

  • Equipment controls and alarm conditions

  • Routine maintenance and trouble shooting

  • Preparation of all equipment for cage washing, VHP decontamination and autoclaving

  • Good working practice and health and safety

  • Open session for questions and answers

For more detail on the Familiarisation Training please contact our Product Manager Team on 0345 050 4556 or email

3. Tecniplast and Cambium Development

Tecniplast works with the external training provider Cambium Development to deliver a wide range of IAT CPD accredited Training Courses. These courses are designed to improve user competency when caring for animals housed in IVCs.

All courses are available face to face or by on-line virtual learning.

Details of the courses on offer can be found below:

  • Tecniplast IVCs Foundation Course

This course is designed to provide a thorough introduction to Tecniplast IVCs and their correct and optimal use for trainee technicians. It delivers the key basic information for caring correctly for animals in IVC equipment as well as supporting background information to ensure delegates leave with an understanding of the equipment’s features, function, and best working practices.

  • Tecniplast IVC Knowledge & Skills Refresher Course

Designed to provide experienced technicians with a fully refreshed and up to date working knowledge of the IVC system they are using and the best working practices to achieve performance and the highest standards of in-cage animal environment and welfare. It will encourage and guide your technicians to apply their knowledge and logical thinking to problem solving and prevention of issues within the IVC system.

  • Tecniplast 'Train the Trainer’ in IVCs Course

Provides key knowledge and skills required to be effective trainers of others in working with IVCs. Focusses on how they structure the trainee's training to specifically achieve development and competency in caring for animals in IVC equipment.

  • Washing, Care and Maintenance of Tecniplast IVCs for Hygiene & Logistics Technicians

The aim of the course is to ensure attendees understand how to correctly undertake the hygiene and maintenance regimes necessary for optimal performance of the IVC system and its component parts. It will also ensure that attendees understand the connection between the equipment, their tasks and the influence on the in-cage environment and animal.

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