Our training philosophy is a simple one, “The more you know, the better you can design/produce/test/pack/sell/install/use/service it…"

Our concise and personalised training programmes have been developed for our entire team, from engineers to project managers, to account managers to customer service… all to ensure that an excellent and consistent level of care is provided throughout our global organisation.

The majority of our employees have gone through an intensive practical training programme in a real Animal Facility: it is easier to develop and produce functional and ergonomic equipment if you have experienced the same procedures your customers repeat daily. Here in the UK, many of our Account Managers have come from laboratory animal technician backgrounds so know the day to day challenges in facilities.

End user training

It is no secret that knowledge adds significant value to valuable equipment! Our equipment has been expertly designed and manufactured and the training that the end user receives should definitely reflect this. At Tecniplast, our training courses are delivered through many different forms:

Conventional on-site training, one-to-one sessions, coaching, field experience, apprenticeship, conferences, seminars through to bulletins.

At our head office in Italy, we have a 1,500 m2 training centre along with two show rooms designed with the same criteria of the facilities where our products are installed. To support our ‘training machine’ we have on-site a full-time Training Manager, a full-time Education & Training Coordinator, training assistants and 25 expert trainers.

In the UK, we offer:

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