EMber IVC Heating System

Following the successful launch of the EM500 IVC from our Emerald Line, we proudly introduce the EMber – the only IVC Home Cage Heating System available on the market.

EMber is designed to set individual EM500 cages on the IVC rack with a temperature of 20°C -40°C. Once the set point is reached, the heating module constantly monitors and maintains the temperature; with each power supply supporting up to three EM500 cages.

The EMber comprises of two components: the Heating Module and the Cage Body with Heating Plate.

The heating module is very easy to use thanks to the user-friendly interface that allows you to intuitively set the desired experimental conditions. Once the temperature sensor achieves the desired set point, the visual temperature LED switches off.

The heating module can be mounted on any Emerald rack model*: ERGO, COMFORT, or HD.

The new Emerald runner design features pins on the underside to allow easy and secure fixing of the heating module to the IVC rack.

Key Application Areas:

  • Post-Surgical Recovery.
  • Metabolism of drugs.
  • Body thermoregulation.
  • Drug therapy.
  • Metastasis and cancer.

Contact Tecniplast UK direct or your Account Manager for more information.

*Please contact Tecniplast for Emerald racks pre August 2020

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