Famous worldwide Tecniplast ISOCage N and ISOCage P systems for biocontainment and bioexclusion respectively are now potentially even boosted by the DVC® capabilities to provide novel insights and enhance animal welfare checks thanks to the automatic data collection directly from the cage level. Specifically designed DVC® board can be easily retrofitted to already ISOCage P/N systems and enable different benefits for the researchers and vivarium people.

Main benefits are:

  • Evaluate bedding condition for standardising cage conditions, reducing running costs and avoid unnecessary animal handlings.
  • 24/7 detect spontaneous locomotion for a complete and automatic continous animal welfare check.
  • 24/7 prevent any loss due to unexpected water floods.
  • Streamline and balance Facility workload: DVC® allows to customise the system according to your needs and SOPs and automatically balance your Vivarium workload to reach its maximum efficiency.
  • Real time cage tracking system: DVC® features an automatic cage tracking system that in real time collects these data for you: all the information you need for billing purposes are just one click away!
  • Used in conjunction with the DVC® Analytics, remotely evaluate animal activity data that can be used to assess animal welfare reducing physical manual checks.
  • Used in conjuction with the DVC® Analytics, complement your studies with novel insights coming from a 24/7 data collection approach.

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