REM - Rack Environmental Monitoring

The DVC® REM (DVC® Rack Environmental Monitoring system) has been designed to automatically monitor 24/7 important environmental parameters directly collected from the animal rooms (at DVC® Rack level). It intuitively correlates animal activity with environmental parametres for an easier research interpretation, to enhance reproducibility of results.

Detected environmental parameters are:

  • Temperature: as a continuous measurement.
  • Relative humidity: as a continuous measurement.
  • Noise: as a continuous measurement.
  • Light: light/dark phases detection.
  • Vibration: event triggered by minimum threshold detection.
  • Human presence: event triggered by human presence detection.

The main main benefits include:

  • 24/7 room environmental parameters monitoring helps to keep the status of the rooms where DVC® Rack are installed under control and prevent any possible issue affecting husbandry and research.
  • Collecting animal activity data from the DVC® system and complementing with correlated environmental conditions provide a unique and robust approach to a step towards research reproducibility and better interpret possible unexpected animal activity related results.

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