BIO-C36 EVO Ventilated Cabinet

The new and improved ventilated cabinet allows users greater control and choice for their research requirements. The ARIA BIO-C36 EVO continues to benefit from the same features as the previous model but with the following improvements:

  • New 7” touchscreen interface: providing the end user with clear and simple navigation.  
  • Improved manoeuvrability: due to an increased chassis frame stiffness and a 10kg lighter frame.
  • The cabinet is now easier to assemble and access for servicing and maintenance. 
  • The redesign has increased the robustness of the door handles and ensured that the newly designed doors are tight and light.
  • Greater light and heating distribution throughout the cabinet ensuring that your scientific research is controlled and repeatable.
    • There is an optional dimmable LED lighting system with daily/weekly timer and optional new heating system with a uniform and efficient heat transfer (from Ta to 32c with a double temperature setting option (correlated to the day/night cycle).

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