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The Tecniplast recycling program is more alive than ever, particularly in Germany with more than 290.000 Kg of CO2 Saving in 2022

Today, we're talking about the remarkable success of the Tecniplast Recycling Program in 2022, particularly in Germany.

We have Gaby Dorner, representing Tecniplast Germany, with us to shed light on this achievement.


First of all, congratulations on the fantastic results TP Germany achieved in 2022. Could you share your thoughts on these incredible numbers?

Thank you. It's indeed a remarkable accomplishment, and I'd like to extend my appreciation to TP Germany and our dedicated customers for their involvement. These results underscore the high level of awareness and commitment to reuse and recycling in Germany, which is crucial for reducing carbon emissions. It's a clear sign that our TP Recycling Program is embraced and seen as a model for environmental responsibility.

That's truly impressive. Can you provide more insight into how TP Germany and its customers made this possible? What made the TP Recycling Program so appealing in Germany?

It's all about making the recycling process as straightforward and enticing as possible for our clients. Marion Thiele's hard work has been instrumental in capturing our clients' attention. The organization and simplicity of the project are key aspects. The bottom line is that every recycled or reused item contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gases and climate protection. German customers have shown a keen interest in this initiative, reflecting their long-standing commitment to environmental protection and recycling.

Germany's strong focus on waste separation and environmental protection certainly played a significant role. Do you think other highly industrialized countries should follow suit, and have you noticed a similar enthusiasm for similar initiatives in Germany, like the Re-Cage Program?

Absolutely, it's crucial for other nations to adopt similar practices, as the resources are finite, and environmental protection should be a global concern. Germany's position as a leading waste separator shows that environmental awareness is deeply rooted here. We've received a very positive response to the Re-Cage Program from our clients in Germany. They understand the importance of conserving resources and appreciate the initiative.

It's inspiring to see such a positive response in Germany. This collaborative effort certainly contributes to a more sustainable future. Thank you for sharing your insights on the TP Recycling Program's incredible success and the importance of such initiatives.

My pleasure. Let's hope these initiatives continue to gain momentum and contribute to a better world for all. Thank you for having me. 

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