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ISMM 2023: Let's Sum It Up!

In a global landscape of collaboration and innovation, Tecniplast recently hosted its International Sales and Marketing Meeting (ISMM) in Italy from September 20 to 23. This edition surpassed all expectations, drawing over 150 attendees from diverse corners of the globe.

Tecniplast’s Headquarters became a melting pot of cultures and expertise as colleagues from Sister Companies and Distributors convened. The gathering was truly international, with representatives from almost 40 countries sharing a space where language, culture, and geography dissolved, leaving behind only a sense of unity of a closely-knit family.

Integral to the success of the event was the emphasis on training and education. Recognizing the pivotal role of Sales Representatives in the field, at Tecniplast we firmly believe that staying current with the latest market trends and product updates is vital in our quest to provide the best advice, support, and the highest level of service to our customers worldwide. Knowledge is our most powerful tool, and our commitment to acquiring and sharing it throughout the global marketplace it’s our primary commitment.

Consistent with this approach, the ISMM unfolded as a dynamic forum for collaboration and learning. Through engaging plenary sessions, attendees were not only updated on the latest corporate and product innovations but also invited to share their field experiences, presenting a rich mosaic of global insights. Thematic workshops provided a hands-on experience, showcasing the user-friendliness and performance of Tecniplast and IWT products. Practical sessions play a fundamental role, ensuring that we fully harness the capabilities of our equipment, optimizing its performance for our clients' benefit.

Beyond its educational aspects, the ISMM served as a catalyst for relationship-building and networking. Tecniplast, truly global entity, reaffirmed its commitment to local effectiveness, catering to the specific needs of clients in diverse regions.

We invite you to witness the enthusiasm reflected in the faces of attendees through our video recap. The smiles convey a wealth of emotions, capturing the collective sense of purpose that characterized the ISMM 2023.

In conclusion, Tecniplast’s International Sales and Marketing Meeting underscore the Company's dedication to the market, persistent innovation, and the cultivation of connections across borders.

The event has set the stage for continued excellence, collaboration, and innovation in the dynamic world of Life Sciences.