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THE EARLY DAYS OF TECNIPLAST IVCs: Individually Ventilated Cages made of Innovation, Vision and Courage

“It is essential to know, remember and cherish our own origins. They define our present and lead us into the future”

[Carlo Bernardini, Tecniplast Group founder]

Inspired by these words and vision of our founder, Carlo Bernardini, we conceived, developed and proudly opened to customers and colleagues a new exhibition area at our Headquarters, named “The early days of Tecniplast’s IVCs”.

Thanks to technical and original hand-drawings dating back to the early/mid Nineties, we have re-traced the brilliant intuitions and the various stages of development that led Tecniplast to the design of our unique Ventilated Cages. It is our way of saying “thank you” to the small, yet visionary group that, in less than 10 years, had the courage to dare, to break the mold, to go beyond conventions and current technologies, to finally conceive the most highly-performing, ergonomic and animal-friendly caging system on the market.

“I remember my father spending whole days and long evenings drawing and testing, discussing and evaluating options, imagining a different way of conceiving Housing Solutions and Laboratory Research, always keeping animal welfare at the forefront” recalls Pietro Bernardini, Managing Director of Tecniplast, and son of our founder Carlo.

“He was determined yet gentle: he always respected the views and ideas of everybody involved in the project, inspiring and driving the whole team towards success. I remember those days as intense and full of unrestrained enthusiasm: everybody was animated by the desire to do new things, to lead the way towards an innovative era of Lab Animal Housing, to write a completely new chapter in the LAS industry”.

…and what a successful chapter it has been!

Get ready to plunge into this new evocative addition to the narratives of the Tecniplast world on the occasion of your next visit to our Headquarters - we’ll be glad and proud to accompany you on this journey into the past, with our eyes turned to the future!