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Tecniplast considers Environmental, social and economic sustainability and its ever-increasing impact an essential factor in management decisions and in the evaluation of companies.

Tecniplast, as the best companies around the world are, is adopting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Moreover, Tecniplast respects the E.S.G. (Environmental, Social, Governance), which has driven us since 2005, shaping our sustainability strategy. We anticipated once again requests from consumers and identified another sustainable competitive advantage in the minds of our customers.

The certification of Synesgy is another important component of our credible sustainable strategy.

What is Synesgy in more detail?

Synesgy assesses the sustainability of our supply chain and it is the first global network dedicated to the ESG world for Large Corporations and SMEs which aim to increase awareness and transparency in the processes of the production chains. Synesgy is a  global digital platform that allows commitment to environmental, social and governance issues to be detected. At the end of process companies obtain, if everything is correct, a certificate valid for 12 months. Tecniplast obtained an overall score of grade “A”: that will be generated to be shared with your business partners or exhibited on your website.

Benefits of this Certification:

  • Improve the sustainability of our supply chain through an accurate turnkey survey system, constantly updated;
  • A greater transparency in the impact assessment of the production process on our supply chain, based on parameters consistent with international regulations;
  • It is a full Credit of our supply chain to the market by promoting its appeal to credit institutions and investors;
  • We have aggregated dashboards and ESG Scores that help us prevent operational risks and better manage our supply chain.

In production processes such as ours, where on average 90% of the environmental impact is determined by the supply chain, it is essential to monitor our suppliers’ sustainability; Synesgy allows Tecniplast to verify the degree of sustainability of their supply chain.

This Certificate guarantee that we will be able to collect precise and verifiable information on how our suppliers are positioned on the various ESG (environmental, social, Governance) performance indicators; in this way we increase transparency of our supply chain towards our customers.

Reliability from important and international Auditing companies:

Synesgy is part of CRIF Group, specialized in commercial information on Italian and foreign companies. CRIF is a global company specializing in credit information and business information systems, analytics, outsourcing and processing services as well as advanced digital solutions for business development and open banking.

The CRIF group is present in 4 continents (Europe, Asia, America and Africa): 30 countries with direct activities and 70 companies and a turnover of almost 600 million. Today, over 10,500 banks and financial companies, more than 600 insurance companies, 80,000 businesses and 1,000,000 consumers use CRIF services on 4 continents. Furthermore, CRIF is included in the prestigious IDC FinTech Rankings Top 100, the ranking of the leading providers of global technology solutions for the financial services sector, and in 2019 it completed its coverage as AISP in 31 European countries where the PSD2 directive is applicable for open banking.

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