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The climate is changing and we’re realizing it day by day. We used to live as if we had limitless resources and no climate changes, and this careless behaviour modified the delicate equilibrium of our Earth. We have to deal with environmental pollution, temperature variations and the increased quantities of packaging waste.

Before the green revolution, ethylene-based films and Styrofoam were the materials of choice for wrapping and packing any kind of manufactured goods. Nobody paid attention to environment pollution, and plastic was the cheapest, most employed solution for guaranteeing appropriate product protection, ideal wrapping and a long-lasting life of the packaging. Unfortunately, the short-term advantages were hiding severe long-term drawbacks.

Nowadays, producing excellent products is not enough to deliver a business of high quality. You need to be able to do so, together with reducing the environmental impact of your production process, because progress doesn’t exist without environmental respect and responsible behaviours.

IWT strategy on Green Packaging

IWT strategy on packaging arises out of the green commitment of the Tecniplast Group as a whole. We have embraced the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as demonstrated by our policies. We actively reduce our global carbon footprint with our widespread recycling initiatives and our dedication to conserving natural resources and combating negative impacts on climate change. 

We strive to create manufacturing processes and products that are increasingly environmentally friendly, as demonstrated by our Environmental Report compliant with ISO 14016 management system, our Eco-design process according to ISO 14006 standards, as well by Tecniplast’s 14001 and 9001 certifications. Whilst focusing on this, we also focus on maximizing productivity and efficiency, minimizing our environmental impact by increasing the recycling capabilities of packaging materials. And as always, we continue to deliver the high-quality solutions our clients expect from us. 

Is it possible to replace high impact plastics in packaging?

IWT depts have proudly substituted all the high impact plastic packaging materials with safe, biodegradable, 100% recyclable alternatives, compliant with the European essential requirements for green packaging published by the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN).

The authority requirements can be summarized as follows:

  • Both weight and volume of packaging must be the minimum possible so as to ensure customers’ safety, hygiene and acceptability;
  • No dangerous materials or substances have to be present;
  • Materials must be reusable, compostable, biodegradable or employable for recovering energy.

Our green packaging revolution

The following list gathers the elements of IWT green packaging strategy and, together with the previous table, explains the advancement in sustainability starting from the old materials, up to the new solutions.

The first steps of our sustainability journey

These four steps summarize IWT dedication in promoting sustainability and our commitment in improving processes to enhance respect for both people and the environment. Thanks to every single step along the sustainability journey, we have eliminated high impact plastics in packaging, achieved the waste reduction goal and helped our customers to do the same. Caring for the environment starts from the smallest of gestures, and with commitment and investments, it’s possible to reach the highest goals, like the zero environmental impact.

These are just some examples of our commitment to sustainability: at Tecniplast Group, we continue to lead and encourage others to join us in improving the health of our planet. Because, after all, our business is about taking care of our present and future, and creating a better tomorrow, as well.