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How difficult is it to find the good side of life during this terrible pandemic situation?However, we want to rejoice with positive messages of strength and mutual aid.

During the first lockdown in March 2020, people discovered that they are creative and were not aware of this!

This resulted in a 20% increase in demand at hardware stores. Our gardens got more attention too, with lots of gardening taking place! This led to people being more active and resulted in beautiful gardens with blooms and neatly trimmed grass!Also, pool builders experienced an impressive increase in orders. Lastly, animal shelters ran out of animals as many decided that they needed to care for a new friend!

Since people had more time, people started to clear out their flats and houses. This, in turn, provided department stores with an increased demand and plenty of goods to sell. Clearing out their belongings, many also started thinking about necessities in life. People who were allowed out for activities in nature learnt a lot about the beauty and the value of it.

In family settings, family members got closer and reconnected once again and appreciated the little things in life!

Tecniplast Germany:

"We also learnt that is not always necessary to fly within Germany to attend business meetings.
Home office working became more trendy, but can of course not replace personal contacts in the long run.
But a meaningful reduction in traffic helps to save lifes and nature.”

Says Gaby, Tecniplast Germany.

In times like that one thinks more about others who are less fortunate.

So we at Tecniplast Germany decided to donate 4.050€ to a children's home.
We found one close to our site where Benedictian nuns provide a home for 60 children. It was very touching to visit the home and experience all the efforts taken in teaching these children valuble life lessons.

At Christmas, our Managing Director Florian received a certificate from company Dr. Weigert, informing him that they had planted an oak tree on his behalf.

A Hamburg hotel opened it’s rooms for 50 homeless people to prevent them from frostbite in the freezing conditions of a German winter.

2020 had many negative aspects due to the pandemic, but that special time during lockdown to refocus helped many people realise many positive characteristics that are inside of all of us!

Tecniplast UK:

In the summer of 2020, Tecniplast UK took part in the "TUK 3000 Mile Challenge" to raise money for their local food bank. 

The challenge involved participants walking, running, or cycling to accumulate miles towards the target of 3000 miles.

TUK raised a total of £770 for the food bank, which resulted in 28 food parcels for food bank users. One food parcel contains 21 meals which includes 7 breakfasts, 7 snack meals and 7 main meals - which feeds one person for a week! The initiative was conceptualised by the Middle Management team at Tecniplast UK, who worked together to get participants from every department on board!

The chosen charity is one that TUK has raised money for previously and with the Covid pandemic, demand for food parcels was higher than ever, so it was a simple choice.

Tecniplast UK continually partake in charity fundraising including bake sales, mud runs and raffles. Giving back to the local community is essential to Tecniplast UK as we are more fortunate than others and feel we can help make a difference. It also serves as an excellent team building activity for colleagues, especially in the current climate where we can’t spend time together.

Thank you to TUK for helping raise the charitable profile of Tecniplast and helping a good cause during such a troubling time. We look forward to seeing what you do next!