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With the continued global challenge of Covid-19 and the reality of lockdowns on national and local levels, it’s clear that many businesses face a difficult year.

Long term supplier viability is a question on many lips so reassurance and confidence in the stability of your key industry partners is paramount. On behalf of Tecniplast, we can categorically provide that reassurance and confidence that continued and new relationships will flourish and provide you with peace of mind.

We are your ideal partner; we are a financially secure and well-run business with a long and illustrious history.

Indeed, we remain a fully operational and functioning business and we can organize factory tours today, and in the future respecting all recommendations of local and national law, protecting our visitors and our workers.

We are global leaders in supporting animal-based research and have been for over 70 years. We believe we are an honest, respected, and trusted partner who does not cut corners.

We provide high levels of product, solutions, and support. We are, probably the only company to be ISO 14001:2015 and 9001:2015 certified for the following activities: Eco Design, manufacturing, and service of laboratory animal equipment.

We follow the ‘Tecniplast Way’ upholding tradition and quality. This sits easily alongside being highly innovative and cutting edge.

Research is growing and people will demand more and more development and investment in the short term, not just throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, but also in cancer research, Parkinson's, Epilepsy and all other areas of health and wellbeing.

Great support will be needed; at Tecniplast this is what we do.

As part of our commitment to you we will ensure the welfare and due care for your animals remains uppermost in our minds.

  • We have more than 45 people in our R&D department, fully dedicated to designing new products aligning with customers’ needs and expectations respecting LAS guidelines and laws.
  • Our Designers develop new products according to the Eco Design process (ISO 14006).
  • Our Service Department has 29 Field Service Engineers with a combined experience of more than 275 years and they work tirelessly to ensure that we lead the field supporting our equipment all over the world: more than 5.5 million cages, 45,000 racks and 800 Rack Washers.
  • We have 251 trained (and certified) field engineers both at Corporate level and at Subsidiary level, nationally dedicated to Lab Animal Sciences. You can have real confidence in our ability to support you and your facility requirements. In increasingly uncertain times that knowledge is crucially important.
  • Our Projects Team, at Corporate level and at local level has about 40 Project Managers. They have completed about 3,000 projects in the last 10 years, working with many of the most illustrious research facilities at Worldwide level.

We are very proud of all our 1000 Tecniplast workers highlighting our commitment to a fantastic customer experience and a support system second to none. You are in safe hands!

We also want to highlight the ‘robustness’ of our headquarters: Tecniplast SpA. The key indicators listed below from Dun and Bradstreet confirm our strength in depth and the solidity of Tecniplast:

  • Cancellation Risk (for the Company) is rated 1 = minimum on a scale from 1 (min) to 5 (max).
  • Financial strength of the Company is rated 5A which is the top of the scale for the rank, based on net worth of the Company and consistency of growth over time.
  • Failure Score is equal to 99 on a scale from 1 (max risk) to 100 (no risk)
  • "Delinquency Score" (ability to face commitments on time) is scored 95 on a scale from 1 (worst) to 100 (perfect)
  • General Rating of the Trend of the Company is 1 on a scale from 1 (best) to 4 (worst).

At a time where we crave confidence, calm and assuredness, Tecniplast is by your side.

We remain 100% committed to you, your facility, and your animals.

During the months of continued Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions we have remained fully operational at worldwide level: our factories, our sales people, our service team have continued to produce, sell and service, respecting all the rules and legislation.

We remain diligent and flexible in this new normal and we have a renewed confidence and vigour about us.

We have the history, the heritage, and the knowledge. We respect each other and we respect our clients.

At this time in history we all need that more than ever.

As a business we genuinely do all we can to abide by our mission statement "The pursuit of excellence is at the heart of Tecniplast. It is fundamental to the way we seek to innovate, build relationships, and provide the very best products and services to our clients".