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It’s time to... be social!

Social media has evolved from its conception in the late 00’s. At first, it was used to help maintain friendships in a new and fun way.

Now, over ten years later, it has expanded to be used by people of all ages as a means to receive updates on trends, friendships, news, politics, business, work, and product information.

The new Tecniplast Instagram page is an idea of Massimo Ferrari, Marketing Manager at Tecniplast USA :

"I realized I was using social media as the starting point to get more information, often product related. If you think about it, we start the search on the app, but almost immediately get redirected to the pages we are most interested in, ultimately providing a deeper level of information and explanation. Social media is an easy tool to search recent trends and dive deep into what catches your attention. I thought that Tecniplast has a lot to provide to the LAS community through social media!"

Massimo, do you see a difference between USA and EUROPE in using Instagram? 

Instagram, being based on images and videos, is a great tool for very direct communication and can generate empathy and imagination to the viewers. I'm truly convinced that this is the perfect match to effectively communicate the passion that Tecniplast puts in its product design. There are so many beautiful product details that I have no doubt will inspire our viewers as much as they still thrill me.

For the past 18 months in the U.S., I noticed the level of digitalization present in our daily activities is far greater than what it is in Europe. So much so, most of the LAS industry associations have their own presence in social media (including Instagram) already.

I also think, and hope, that this push for more visibility will support in educating the public towards what our industry does and the crucial contribution it has provided during these past months. Now, more than ever, we need to speak up and stand for science!

Victoria, you are the “Art Director” of this project. Can you tell the expected benefits of a public page on Instagram?

When someone comes to our page, they can see Tecniplast in a new light and have a deeper understanding of who we are and view our products differently.

This page will be a safe place for open discussions on our innovative products, initiatives, and a closer perspective on all the events we attend across the U.S. and abroad.It will also give our viewers a behind the scenes look at our team and products in action!

I believe that our Instagram will be a hub for people to reference product information, stay up to date on events, and be able to comment in an easy and fast way more than ever! 

Victoria, do you see advantages and disadvantages to have a public page on Instagram? 

I believe there are more advantages than disadvantages for being public because Instagram users typically retain more information when they can have immediate gratification in viewing a product instead of waiting for approval to view.

Being public will allow faster and easier conversations because viewers can instantly send a message or comment without any delay. Users can also share our content to a larger audience whenever they wish. Our Instagram account can appear on the public featured page and well as our hashtags on public searches. 

You can find us by searching on Instagram at @Tecniplast.IWT or scanning our nametag here: