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“Everyday Heroes”: best practices to loyalty, trust and teamwork

An interesting initiative from Tecniplast Australia to raise awareness of ethic values throughout the LAS community, and… to win!

Following the strategic theme of “A Culture of Care & Dedication”, Tecniplast Australia has designed a specific scholarship with the goal to recognize individuals who have shown consistent dedication to improving both animal and personnel welfare through championing best practice procedures and inspiring loyalty, trust and teamwork.

This Scholarship is dedicated to rewarding the unassuming Everyday Heroes within the Australia and New Zealand laboratory animal industry who display commitment, fairness, respect and innovation in their workplace and the LAS community. We interview Vesna Valic, the Country Manager of Tecniplast Australia to learn about this important, ethics based initiative.

Hi Vesna, what a fantastic idea, which instills an extraordinary, excited and positive feeling, in particular during the Covid-19 pandemic! Can you explain to our readers the meaning of the ‘Everyday Hero Scholarship’? I see that ‘a culture of care and dedication’ are the key words in this project!

Thank you, you are absolutely right! Care and Dedication are the foundations of the Everyday Hero Scholarship. 

When we use the term ‘Everyday Hero’ it is generally to describe someone who inspires teamwork and trust, is a genuinely good person and is someone that promotes positive change for the benefit of others.

During this pandemic there have been many examples of how dedicated and caring individuals have kept LAS facilities operating effectively in spite of the challenges and restrictions due to Covid-19, for this reason we decided to launch the Everyday Hero Scholarship to acknowledge the LAS heroes that have kept the LAS industry functioning without the expectation of reward or praise. 

Is it the first time you have organized this scholarship?

Yes, this is the first time that the Everyday Hero Scholarship is being offered. 

In previous years we have organized an Animal Welfare & Science Scholarship that has been well supported by the Australia and New Zealand LAS community.

The previous scholarship was aimed at assisting laboratory animal personnel to share their successes and innovations with improving animal care through the 3R’s and to gain support for further work in this area.

Can you describe for our readers what the prize consists of?

The award for the two successful Everyday Hero Scholarship recipients is attendance to FELASA 2022 Congress in Marseille, France.  The award includes return flights from Australia or New Zealand, accommodation, meals, full delegate registration for FELASA 2022 Congress and attendance to the FELASA Gala Dinner.

Additionally, the two Everyday Heroes will receive a special tour of the Tecniplast Headquarters in Varese, Italy including flights, accommodation, meals and world-class hospitality.

Who is eligible?

Application for the scholarship is by way of nomination and to be eligible the nominee must be a current employee of a recognized Australian or New Zealand animal laboratory facility or institution.

Tell us about the selection process?

Tecniplast Australia will forward the nominations (blinded) to an independent panel of experts from within the laboratory animal community who will review each nomination on its merit’s against the following criteria:

  • Examples of The Nominee’s actions and contributions towards improving ethical, humane and responsible use of laboratory animals.
  • Examples of how The Nominee has inspired teamwork, trust and improved workplace outcomes.
  • Examples of The Nominee’s dedication, fairness, respect and innovation in their workplace and/or the LAS community.

Have you shared the idea with your customers yet?

The Everyday Hero Scholarship has only just been launched and so far there has been a very positive response.  The idea of international travel during this time still seems like a dream but a dream that we all aspire towards.

What a fantastic initiative which should be copied by other nations; for us will be a great pleasure to welcome the winners in Tecniplast offices in June 2022!  We can't wait to shake hands with the winners!!

Thank you Vesna for your time, good luck with the applications! We also can’t wait to meet the winners.