ACT System – Adaptive Cleaning Technology (Patent Pending)
  • Innovative cleaning arms control combining independent vertical and oscillating movements
  • Superior water coverage compared to traditional oscillating arm technology
  • Direct and uniform spraying pattern on all surfaces of the load grants top level cleaning and rinsing efficacy
  • 11% narrower chamber width to minimise load-nozzles distance without compromises on loading capacity
  • Full control on the arms positioning and trajectories, allowing a precise cleaning and rinsing of bottles
Unprecedented Performance
  • New High Density presentation racks (Patent Pending): 75% extra loading capacity in a 30% lighter design
  • Up to 154 mice cages (EM500) per load in a 11% smaller chamber volume
  • Minimum 8 cycles per hour (AK-KAB certified) and over 1,230 mice cages (EM500) per hour
  • Increased mechanical wash force (+39% TTI) thanks to optimized fluid-dynamic
Sustainability first
  • Up to -75% consumptions per cage, only 300ml-10oz of water used per cage
  • Smaller water tanks resulting in up to 13% energy savings
  • Unique capability to adapt the cycle to the actual loaded area: save time and utilities
  • Frequency inverters as a standard for efficient motors management and cycle flexibility
Building-friendly design
  • Only 100mm-4inches depth and 1950mm-77inches width pit dimensions
  • Wall-to-Wall installation capability in less than 2500mm-98inches operational width requirements
  • Just cold water supply in case of steam heated unit
  • Electrically-heated set-up with standard productivity guaranteed
Empowered set of options
  • Turnkey on-board vaporized H2O2 generator featuring fast aeration and catalyser
  • Two process tanks design for efficient alkaline-acid alternate washing cycles
  • Automatic tilting floor for the dripping of flat trolley surfaces
  • Heat recovery system to pre-warm either drying air or incoming water
  • On-board detergents storage with ergonomic handling logistics