From small to medium to large… We have what you need.


From Stand Alone systems to medium and large customised housing and life support systems, Tecniplast offers a range of products to fit your research needs. We will work with you at all stages of the process to efficiently design your facility. 

Rack Systems: Flexibility at system level

Superior Rack Structure: our racks are built from coated 316L stainless steel which provide timeless support to your system. 

Unique Water Delivery

  • “Push and pull” valve with fine tune flow control.
  • Mechanism allows for the end user to adjust flow to each tank.
  • Each valve has a visual indicator to confirm delivery at a glance. Contact us for more information.

The only tank design which exceeds current regulatory standards 

  • Tank water depth 13cm, with optional standpipe to increase water.
  • 13.4L and 27.0L tanks.
  • Sliding lids for easy animal access.
  • Double Standpipe Cleaning System.
  • Smoked color Polycarbonate.
  • Clean tank technology.
  • Easy system maintenance.
  • Easy tank flushing or emptying.

Life Support Systems: Optimal water quality

  • Safe and consistent water quality.
  • Monitoring and dosings systems are designed to control optimal water quality.
  • Size and optional features vary depending upon your research needs. Contact us for more information.

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