Tritone - Automatic Feeding System

  • Improving efficiencies within your facility: Tritone can feed up to 24 times a day enabling aquarium staff to focus on other important duties within the facility.
  • Reduction of RSI issues: Repeated actions associated with feeding increases the risk of debilitating RSI related injuries, Tritone eliminates the need for these repetitive movements.
  • Standardisation of diet fed to fish: Tritone provides precise quantities of the correct diet for fish at different developmental stages. This means that fish grow at the correct rate and enjoy optimal water quality.
  • Fully retro-fittable: Tritone can be installed on existing systems.
  • Return on Investment: Tritone has paid for itself after 3 – 4 years, then you can enjoy great savings!
  • Tangible benefits for fish welfare and development: Fish growth rate more standardised (all fish in the tank are a similar size, no major difference) and they become breeding adults far more quickly.

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