Revolutionary microbiological environmental monitoring for aquatic systems...

Introducing InterZebTEC, our new aquatic environmental biological detector. InterZebTEC standardises the health monitoring and microbiological screening of zebrafish colonies and is made of a series of filters with decreasing mesh able to collect over time biological samples in a reliable manner. 

  • High sampling efficiency - InterZebTEC consists of different sized filter meshes able to reliably collect biological samples, including debris and biofilm.
  • Sterilisation - each InterZebTEC is delivered hermetically closed and fully irradiated.
  • Ease of Installation - once the InterZebTEC location is selected, it can be easily installed and replaced.
  • Standardisation - following exposure,  a standardised procedure using a common 50ml falcon tube allows for reliable and easy collection of the biological samples from the InterZebTEC.
  • Closed System – avoids sample contamination.


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