Tecniplast’s latest IVC innovation, where animal welfare and ergonomics are both INTEGRAL to the design of our new rat HOUSING system,

There are 4 key pillars on which EMERAT are based: 

  • Animal Welfare: EMERAT allows cage occupants to express natural behaviour patterns whilst promoting positive behavioural traits. An enriched and complex environment is provided by 1800cm2 of floor area and an internal height of 26cm whilst the durable diet hopper allows an area to rest, climb and explore.

  • Operator Comfort: EMERAT features moulded cage runners with built-in handles, improving ergonomics when transferring the cage on and off the rack. SmarTop simplifies access to animals, allows operators to perform easy, reproducible procedures during cage change and helps to minimise any cross-contamination.

  • Visibility: The latch-free innovative design guarantees unrivalled visibility, providing a clear, unrestricted view allowing daily health and welfare checks to be carried out easily.

  • Versatility: Whether it’s positioned at the top or bottom, the ERGO rack allows operators to easily access all cages in any position comfortably. If space is a premium but you also need to increase cage density, then the HD rack is the one for you. The Self-Locking Cage allows the operator to partially remove the cage ‘on the rack’ where it remains securely locked in position. 

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