Eolus Cage Inverter

  • The Eolus Cage Inverter is the ideal solution for the immediate bedding dispensing after tunnel washer.
  • Eolus Cage Inverter works in conjunction with Arcadia tunnel washer. Effectively turns upside down the cage bottoms by gravity and the in-line dispenser automatically dispenses the right amount of bedding.
  • Tops and wire lids are not turned upside down and are simply passing through without being dispensed.
  • Great flexibility to process all the most common rodent cages available in the industry.
  • Cages are transferred on a conveyor and presented at the correct ergonomic height for the operator at the end of the line.
  • The dispenser is suitable for both free flowing (e.g., corn cob, aspen or wood chip) and light bedding (e.g., cellulose or paper), suction rings ensure operator protection.
  • Precise dispensing with single dosage points per single cage to enhance accuracy and reduce waste.

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