Easy200 Bottle Washer

The new entry level in-line pass-through bottle washer, the Easy200 is here. With heat recovery and effluent water control systems as standard, the Easy200 not only provides high bottle washing efficacy, but also helps our customers meet their sustainability initiatives’ targets. 

  • Ideal for both standalone and in-line pass-through applications with two interlocked wash chamber doors.
  • High wash and rinse efficacy: Separate wash and rinse circuits. Dedicated, fixed S/S wash and rinse nozzles for each of the 36 presented bottles per cycle. 
  • Wash coverage confirmation: Tempered glass window for unrivalled visual monitoring of the wash cycle. 
  • Minimal environmental impact: Recirculating wash cycle, heat recovery system and effluent water control system (temperature and pH) as standard. 
  • High level ergonomics: Integrated low friction bottle crate runners and compatible with semi-automatic de-capping and re-capping solutions. 

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