DVC Scientific Papers

Towards large scale automated cage monitoring – Diurnal rhythm and impact of interventions on in-cage activity of C57BL/6J mice recorded 24/7 with a non-disrupting capacitive-based technique

Food and water restriction lead to differential learning behaviors in a head-fixed two-choice visual discrimination task for mice

Effect of Environmental Enrichment on Aggression in BALB/cJ and BALB/cByJ Mice Monitored by Using an Automated System

The effect of exposure to low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) as an integral part of the housing system on anxiety-related behaviour, cognition and welfare in two strains of laboratory mouse

Hydroxytyrosol, the Major Phenolic Compound of Olive Oil, as an Acute Therapeutic Strategy after Ischemic Stroke

Non-intrusive high throughput automated data collection from the home cage

Gut microbiota from persons with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder affects the brain in mice

The hidden rhythm that could confound mouse studies

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