Air Shower

For the access and exit of operators between environments with different levels of contamination by removing pollution powders and particles.

  • High level of cleanliness thanks to 22 adjustable air nozzles to better direct the airflow.
  • Average air speed: 30 m/s.
  • All surfaces are made of AISI 304 with scotch brite finishing for easy cleaning and product duration over time.
  • HEPA filter with H13 MPPS efficiency in accordance with EN 1822. Filter access from the interior ceiling for easy maintenance.
  • Doors are made of clear anodized aluminium; tempered glass provided with an electric locking system guarantees high visibility and low noise level.
  • Door interlocks are located in the two door jambs at the entrance and exit ways. The dirty side lock automatically releases in case of power cut loss or when the Emergency Stop button is pushed.
  • Emergency Stop buttons inside and outside the Air Shower, on both sides, close to the entrance doors for maximum safety.
  • Interior ceiling with a fluorescent light for optimal and uniform lighting.
  • PLC to control operations sequence.

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