The Tecniplast Family is Expanding!
// May, 2021

The Tecniplast Family is Expanding!

Tecniplast Expands as Biomedical Research Solutions provider through the acquisition of BioAir.

Tecniplast announces the acquisition of BioAir SpA, a significant step in expanding our global leadership within Biomedical Research Solutions, widening Tecniplast portfolio with Laminar Flow and Industrial Cabinets, Biosafety Cabinets, Fume hoods, Isolators and CO2 Incubators.

BioAir manufactures and distributes globally a broad range of equipment and services to support Life Science research and Advanced Cell Therapies. BioAir world class quality and manufacturing standards are internationally recognized for their high degree of safety and long-term reliability.

BioAir, just as Tecniplast, is a leader in innovation, and we will now be able to offer a comprehensive portfolio of equipment, together with customized solutions and services to support biomedical and bio-pharmaceutical research around the world.

The deal maximizes each Company’s strengths and resources; it allows to generate positive synergies and optimize investments, always providing quality, excellence and best-in-class customer satisfaction.

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