A compact solution to decontamination...introducing the ISOcage DeconTank!
// June, 2021

A compact solution to decontamination...introducing the ISOcage DeconTank!

Tecniplast are thrilled to announce the launch of a new decontamination product in the form of the portable ISOcage DeconTank; a compact solution specifically designed for ISOcage decontamination and is dedicated to all customers that are working with Biosafety Cabinets without an integrated dunk tank. The working principle of the DeconTank is based on a complete submersion of the cage into the disinfectant, for an appropriate external decontamination.

The features and benefits of this new product include:

  • It's a handy and portable solution: The DeconTank can be placed on any surface / table located near the Biosafety Cabinet. 
  • There is a minimum and maximum level indication: to help indicate the disinfectant level within the tank to ensure complete submersion the cage.
  • Alert for contact time: the timer on top of the DeconTank allows the user to set the contact time and have an acoustic alert when it is expired.
  • Optional trolley: The height is fully adjustable in order to align with the opening of the BSC.

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