Introducing the new and improved ARIA BIO-C36 EVO
// July, 2021

Introducing the new and improved ARIA BIO-C36 EVO

Tecniplast are pleased to introduce the new ARIA BIO-C36 EVO, which is the restyled ARIA BIO-C36 ventilated cabinet. The new and improved ventilated cabinet allows users greater control and choice for their research requirements.

The ARIA BIO-C36 EVO benefits from the same features as the previous model but with the following improvements:

  • New touchscreen design and interface. 
  • Increased chassis frame stiffness, with a 10kg lighter frame.
  • Improved and easier assembly and accessibility for servicing and maintenance. 
  • Robust door handles and light, tight doors with a new centre frame design. 
  • Greater light and heating distribution throughout the cabinet. 

As well as the features that have been carried over from the previous model:

  • Zero cross-contamination between cages resulting in improved airflow.
  • Increased cage capacity over previous ventilated cabinet designs.
  • Up to 40˚C heating controls throughout your cabinet for optimum recovery conditions.
  • Optimum adjustable LED lighting with consistent light levels across each shelf.
  • Complete control of day and night lighting with dusk and dawn settings.
  • Dual ECM motors for energy efficient, positive and negative pressure control.

If you would like to find out more about Tecniplast's Airflow solutions, please don't hesitate to call your Account Manager on 0345 050 4556 or email

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