Tecniplast Recycling Project: 10 Years of Success
// Jan, 2021

Tecniplast Recycling Project: 10 Years of Success

Tecniplast Germany and Tecniplast UK: Two recycling champions!


Our recycling initiative turns 10 years old this year and has been an outstanding success! 

Clients from around the world have supported this venture with Tecniplast UK and Tecniplast Germany enjoying some healthy competition.

Since the beginning of the initiative, Tecniplast Germany’s recycling performance has been excellent and they have nearly always achieved first place.

In total they have recycled:

  • More than 88 tons of plastic
  • 1,600 tons of avoided CO2 emissions in the atmosphere

Many congratulations to our German colleagues! 

Tecniplast UK was recycling champion in 2019 with:

  • More than 8 tonnes of plastic recycled
  • More than 149 tonnes of avoided CO2 in the atmosphere

Maybe this year Tecniplast UK will win again!


The objective of all Tecniplast UK has always been the same: reduce the negative impact of waste on the environment, public health and ensure the most efficient use of resources. This recycling scheme is just one of the ways in which we reduce waste in landfill sites and help limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Recycling project has enabled Tecniplast to receive a number of awards including an Environmental and Sustainability award in 2018. We achieved this accolade through the innovative nature of our recycling project and for the challenges faced by the Group in implementing the scheme.

The recycling project that Tecniplast developed 10 years ago has enabled us to achieve a "circular economy model" for plastic, thanks to innovative technology that allows recycled plastics to have a second life.

In total, more than 3,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions have been avoided in the 10 years since the recycling initiative began. 

Thanks particularly to Tecniplast Germany and Tecniplast UK!

This not only saves valuable fossil resources, but also reduces transport and cost. These two aspects reduce the Carbon Footprint significantly. So, do we have any future projects? As an International Corporation will continue to promote a transparent, practical, and circular economy model. We will also continue to promote our recycling scheme and achieve the objectives we set ourselves in our Environmental Strategy.


“It was truly a great pleasure for us to have received this award from Tecniplast Corporate.” Andy Humes, Managing Director, Tecniplast UK, commented. “The Recycling Project represents two core values of our company: sustainability and innovation. In the last few years, Tecniplast UK has worked extremely hard and we will continue to do so in view of the climate crisis,” Andy concluded. “Our circular business model involves customers as product users, but also as promoters of good practices such as this recycling scheme and we appreciate their efforts”.

Martin Scheer, the Chairman of the Advisory Board of Tecniplast Germany, states that the building of Tecniplast Germany is another example of our commitment in terms of environmental protection.

The heating system uses no fossile combustibles at all, but wood chips coming from the regional forests around the company.

If you would like to find out more about your local recycling scheme or the Tecniplast Green Policy, do not hesitate to visit our Website or ask for a copy of the Tecniplast Environmental Report from your local representative.

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