Tecniplast is once again verified and approved according to the ISO 14006 STANDARD, and obtains the Environmental and Social Sustainability Award 2021!
// March, 2021

Tecniplast is once again verified and approved according to the ISO 14006 STANDARD, and obtains the Environmental and Social Sustainability Award 2021!

Tecniplast has been recognised once again as the best company in the lab animal industry for its environmental and social sustainability awareness.

With this award - which applies to Tecniplast globally - Tecniplast confirms it is ahead of the game in environmental sustainability. The ISO 14006 is part of the 14000 family standard, and it is intended to help organisations to reduce the negative environmental effects of their products and services.

Another focus of Tecniplast's Green Strategy is to help lab animal facility managers evaluate the green credentials of our products and services and choose the right eco-friendly product. Many products, either disposable or reusable, have been recently under examination to assess their environmental impacts and address consumer choices.

For Tecniplast, the green approach is utilised throughout product design, manufacturing, system management and servicing. This is confirmed once again with the ISO 14006 Standard award which was awarded as a result of the research among the top cage producers.

The award underlines the leadership of Tecniplast, which, thanks to this Eco-Design Process, identifies in a constant process, during the design stage how each of the phases of a product or service life cycle will impact on the environment in order to reduce it to a minimum without compromising the quality and application of our products and services. For every new product concept, our designers evaluate the materials, energy and toxicity in consideration of the product life cycle phases. 

The renewed European Community and American strategies for Sustainable Development identifies that both sustainable manufacturing and sustainable consumption are main targets in the battle against climate change. To support this, Tecniplast believe consumers need to be informed about environmental concerns, and we use a Life Cycle thinking approach right from first stage of product design, and remain aligned throughout our business to support this notion. 

Eco-friendly is not a “dream”, eco-friendly is a great commitment which starts from a greater awareness on the part of producers and/or consumers and will inevitably involve other consumers and decision makers.

The most important conclusion for purchasing managers, facility managers and stakeholders is that any and all environmental claims should be fully supported by evidence, complete certification or peer review obtained according to internationally recognised standards. Self-declaration is not acceptable and even when supported by data, this should be examined critically.

The award has given important indications as to the understanding of the Management System certification and as to the choice of suppliers on the basis of actual and significant data available and reported in the certificates.

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