Introducing the new ZebTEC 2.4L Tank
// Sept, 2020

Introducing the new ZebTEC 2.4L Tank

Tecniplast are delighted to introduce the latest addition to Aquatic Solutions family, the ZebTEC 2.4L Tank.  

The ZebTEC 2.4L Tank has many features and benefits including:

  • Unique 2.4 litre tank that occupies the same space as two 1.1 litre tanks on the rack
  • Three dedicated dividers create four compartments providing increased tank flexibility
  • Easy access for independent feeding via four seperate feeding holes 
  • Dual water inlets ensuring optimal water quality and distribution
  • Tritone friendly lid allowing automated feeding
  • All components can be washed using dedicated aquatics washers 

If you would like to find out more about Tecniplast's Aquatic Solutions then call your Account Manager on 0345 050 4556 or email

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