Introducing the new ISOlator P
// Feb, 2021

Introducing the new ISOlator P

Tecniplast are pleased to announce the release of Isolator P. This kit is designed for facilities working with Germ Free or Axenic animals that wish to breed or maintain stock animals whilst protecting the health status in ISOCages for experimental studies.

Features and benefits include: 

  • Supply and exhaust air is pre-filtered and HEPA filtered guaranteeing clean air
  • Can be connected to the Building Monitoring System
  • Oval sleeves ensure comfort for varying operator heights
  • High-quality flexible canopy wrapped on a stainless steel frame to avoid any risk of collapse and damage as a result of power failures
  • Additional service gloves, making it easier to assemble and set up ISOlator P
  • Two glove sizes available dependent on your requirement; 2 gloves for 15 cages or 4 gloves for 30 cages
  • Optional mini rack specifically designed for ISOCage P cage bases allows easy transportation from Isolators to the ISO rack.

If you would like to find out more about Tecniplast's Housing solutions, please don't hesitate to call your Account Manager on 0345 050 4556 or email

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