Introducing the GR1800 Interlinking Rat Cage
// Dec, 2020

Introducing the GR1800 Interlinking Rat Cage

We are delighted to announce this latest edition to our housing range. This caging system puts animal welfare first, the dual cage link allows the animals to express their natural behaviours. Providing animals with interactive, safe environments ensures that scientific outcomes are reliable and repeatable.

Benefits of the GR1800 interlinking cage:

  • The GR1800 interlinking cage increases floor space and provides increased social interaction between cages
  • Increases physical and cognitive activity 
  • Promotes positive behaviour and expression of natural behaviour patterns
  • Flexibility to accommodate one cage with the NEW GR1800 Activity Wheel whilst also providing a dedicated area to rest and nest
  • Manufactured from durable plastic - its robust design allows for repetitive washing and autoclaving cycles
  • Easy to use – the tunnels are easily connected to two cages without the use of tools

If you would like to find out more please contact us on 0845 050 4556 or contact your Account Manager.

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